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Electrical Substations


  • Substation Design

Offering complete design services by the Industry’s elite and respected Engineers from existing substation modifications to totally new substations. Includes Electrical, Civil, and Environmental Engineering for a complete start to finish project.

  • Substation Modifications

With over three decades of experience in the Industry, MVUCC is capable of all types of substation upgrades, expansions and equipment replacement.

  • Control System and Control Houses

As part of our specialized services, MVUCC offers control system installation and repair. This includes control, systems cabling, battery systems UPS systems, redundant power and control houses themselves.

  • Equipment Packaging

MVUCC has long established relationships with the Industry’s leaders in substation equipment. We provide competitive options to your substations needs.

  • Substation Construction

With our experienced staff on and off the site, MVUCC will provide seamless, competitive safe, substation construction to meet your every need.

Overhead & Underground Power Installation


  • Trench Ducts

MVUCC supports a wide variety of styles and types of trench ducts for installation to provide a convenient path for control and power cables.

  • Duct Bank

Proper installations of duct banks are key to extended performance of the cables installed in them. MVUCC has three decades of experience in the proper installation of many types of duct banks and have corrected several that were not installed correctly.

  • Manhole Systems

Installation and location of manholes in an underground raceway system are again key to developing a user friendly underground recovery system.

  • Up to and including 115kv Class

MVUCC will install underground power circuitry to meet your needs from 120 volts to 115,000 volts.

Interior Building Power Distribution System Installation


  • Commercial & Industrial

MVUCC has a tremendous amount of experience with the installation of power distribution systems throughout the commercial industry. From new interior switchgear, transformers, panel boards and feeders to upgrades, retrofits and replacement of PCB contaminated equipment. Matched by none, our experience, preparation and ability to look ahead, minimizes critical down time for our customers.

  • Institutional

Our experience in environments such as Hospitals, Psychiatric Centers, Universities and Correctional Facilities has given us a reputation as a preferred leader by Institutes throughout the Northeastern US.

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting Systems

Commercial Industrial and institutional – MVUCC offers installation perimeter upgrades and retrofit commercial lighting systems such as warehouse, security and site lighting.

  • Emergency Power Generators

Our unmatched experience and knowledge of Emergency Power Generations Systems speaks for itself. MVUCC has completed numerous projects from small emergency systems to paralleling two to

Switchgear Installation


  • New Switchgear Installation

In today’s market and economy customers seek value without sacrificing quality. MVUCC provides both with the knowledge, experience and dedication to our customers for an economic solution to their switchgear needs. Diversified in Low, Medium and High Voltage switchgear applications, we can provide our customer with installations of new, modifications of existing, and replacements for any situation.

  • Transformer Installation & Retrofit

MVUCC is a leading competitor in transformer installations and retrofit applications. Since the 1980’s, we have been involved in many types of transformer installations including pad mounted, unit substation, substation, VPI dry and cast coil. We have sources and experience in assembling transformers in place that were too large and heavy to be rigged in as a unit.

Medium & High Voltage Testing


  • Fault Finding

Equipped with state of the art equipment and highly trained and experienced technicians, MVUCC offers 24/7 emergency fault finding services.

  • High Potential Testing

Equipped with state of the art equipment and highly trained and experienced technicians, MVUCC offers DC High potential services testing.

  • Ground System Testing

Equipped with state of the art equipment and highly trained and experienced technicians, MVUCC offers fall of potential ground system testing.

  • Protective Calibration & Testing

MVUCC has many sources to offer protective calibration and testing, protective coordination studies and arc flash studies with implementation of all.

Medium & High Voltage Cable


  • Medium and High Voltage Installation

MVUCC’s abilities in Medium and High Voltage Cable Installations are beyond industry norms. With a specialized hydraulic underground cable pulling truck, hydraulically fed reel trailers and specifically designed hydraulic equipped support trucks, MVUCC out shines our competitors in safe, quality, OSHA compliant underground cable installations.

  • Medium and High Voltage Cable Splicing and Terminating

Our highly trained, skilled experienced and certified splicers are second to none in the industry. Trained and certified on “modern day” cable splicing (as well as tape and lead splicing) our technicians take pride in yielding a quality product efficiently and safely.

Why choose MVUCC?

  • Incorporated in 1981, We Provide 3+ Decades of Experience in the Electrical Power System Industry.
  • We Provide Emergency Response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on systems from 120 volts to 345kv.
  • Proven Track Record of Excellence Delivering for our Many Government Clients.
  • MVUCC uses state of the art Equipment with Highly Skilled and Trained Personnel to implement all aspects of your project needs.
  • Our commitment to Safety is second to none with a record to prove our dedication.